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Pool Leaks / Plumbing Leaks

Pool Leak Detection

Here at SJP we only use the best, LeakTronics professional Swimming Pool Leak Detection Equipment goes far beyond what traditional stethoscope style tools & manual investigation do.

While doing a complete leak detection is important, you’ll find that a majority of the time, leaks are found within three feet of the pool shell. Hearing where that leak is coming from, loud and clear, starts as easily as dropping the LeakTronics Pool Scope into the water. Hear the suctions, main drains and hear around the skimmer, side suctions, spa jets, lights and walls with even more accuracy using the LeakTronics Side Mic.”.

Using the Pool Scope,  you will also be able to hear leaks in structural cracks. Want to know the sensitivity of the Pool Scope? Imagine hearing bubbles under Icebergs! (See the National Geographic video below and be amazed!). In a pool, the weight of the water pushing through the crack will create a sound that’s picked up, even at distances, by our scope. It’s how we can pinpoint the leak accurately. As the pool scope gets closer to the actual leak, the noise will become incredibly louder; it sounds like a jet!

Once the leak has been located we have an extensive range of plant and equipment to gain access to the pipe work and carry out the repair.

Plumbing Leaks

Finding a leak starts with breaking out the tools, looking for access to make contact with pipes, and above all – listening! LeakTronics professional leak detection listening equipment does just that by using new technology to get accurate detections with precise findings, wherever leaks are hiding.

Below you’ll see how using LeakTronics Pipe Probe gets you hearing the leak, even at a distance. This includes touching the ultra-sensitive Pipe Probe, and the Pipe Probe Extension Rod, to various points of entry, including: shower valves, laundry valves, angle stops, stub-ups and areas where pipes reveal themselves. Add to that, LeakTronics Deck Plate, for listening under concrete slabs and below flooring. With these, even a whisper can be heard from a leaking pipe.

The heated water can be directed into a client’s water services, helping supplement hot water demand or pool heating requirements, saving further on gas and electricity.



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“We have worked with Shaune Johnson Plumbing for 5 years now. As a residential building company, we rely on our trades to provide our valued clients with courteous and approachable customer service as well as back that up with the knowledge and time management we need to get every job done on time and within our set budget. Shaune and his team deliver this on every one of our projects and we look forward to be still working with them in another 5 years!”

  • Brad Freeman, Builder/Owner – Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions Bundaberg

“Part of the G J Gardner Homes ethos is supplying a product better than the standard. And this is one of the reasons we use Shaune Johnson Plumbing. The job always gets done when it is booked in to be done. He is one of these rare individuals that will go the extra mile to make things work and keep everybody happy. I could not recommend him strongly enough, but his work speaks for its self.”

  • Lewis Kelly, Manager – Bundaberg Office – G.J. Gardner Homes

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